Palm Springs Getaway Guide

Palm Springs Getaway Guide

Hello and happy Monday! I hope you're all having a great start to your week. Things have been crazy busy the last few weeks, and I'm wishing I was back on vacation again for a few days- especially as I was finishing up this Palm Springs Getaway Guide. If you're thinking about heading that way [...]


Bachelorette weekend recap part 2! I just want to wrap up the end of the bachelorette recaps with one of my fave parts of the weekend- BRUNCH. (duh) Seriously guys, brunch warranted a post all on its own. We actually had no idea where we were going to brunch when we were in Palm Desert, [...]

Fling Before the Ring

Happy Monday babes! I'm up with a large large iced coffee in hand ready to tackle this week. Despite the lack of sleep and craziness of the weekend, I woke up refreshed and really motivated for this week. So, if you followed me on Snapchat (username melissa_ann7), Instagram or read my last post, you know that this [...]