Summer Wedding Guest

Happy June babes! And with that, wedding season is upon us! I have 4 weddings (one down, three to go!) on my calendar this summer alone! I got off lucky with the first- I was a bridesmaid so my outfit was decided on months ago. As for the next three… ooh. Not so sure yet.

So obviously I’ve been on the hunt for some great pieces I can snag. If summer weddings – or honestly, any dressy summer parties in general- are on your agenda this year, check out these five fun and chic pieces!


ONE.  Shoulder Tie Lace Dress
Honestly for me, one of my fave things about clothing in general is fun sleeves! No matter what the season, I’m always down to have a unique sleeve moment. I think it just adds an extra element of chic to any look. That being said, I think this feminine tie sleeve dress is perfect for a wedding that’s more on the formal side!

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Obsessively Grateful

top//jeans (similar)//necklace (similar)//shoes//bag- SOLD OUT :( (similar)

Happy Monday!

This past weekend, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the power of positivity and gratitude in my life. I’ve always been a person who naturally looks on the bright side of things, whether things were going great or they were really crappy. I’m coming to realize what a gift that is, even though at times I can get caught up in self-pity and complaining, about big and little things..

But what good does that do? None. Who am I helping by complaining? No one. How is having a pity party for one going to help my situation? Not at all.

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Hello 2017

Happy New Year, babes!

I hope you all had a fabulous (safe!) and fun night last night. I know I’ll definitely be home all day today recuperating for the week ahead.

dress/heels (from TJ Maxx but no longer available; similar)/purse (similar)


I had a relatively low key NYE. We did have a baptism in the family in the morning (hence the dress). I got this dress suuuuper on sale last week and I love it! The high collar is so chic but I like how the rest of it flows in a flattering way. And this color is one of my faves for dresses. 

buuuut as much as I love the look, it quickly became leggings and a flannel once we got home and mixing margaritas. We had family over and had a blast!
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Cozy Knits

FriYAY, am I right?

This week feels like it flew! I can’t believe we’re almost done with 2016. So crazy!

The temperatures have been cooling off here in San Diego, which is amaziiiing since I’ve been dying to wear all my fall outfits. It’s hard to enjoy your Starbucks red cup while it’s 90 degrees outside, trust me.

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Fall Florals

top// this was one of F21’s in-store “Deal of the Week” picks so definitely snag it soon!
sunglasses// these are very similar! I can’t remember where I got the pair pictured.

Happy fall! Well, as “fall” as it can be in San Diego in September. It’s not even 8am and it’s already climbing past 80 degrees as I type this. Hoping for a turn for the cool sometime soon so I can make actual use of the fur vest, sweaters, etc. that I purchased probably too hopefully.

Regardless, new season means new clothes! So Carl and I went shopping this past weekend. I got a ton of new pieces and he made his first purchase of skinny jeans so a revolutionary day indeed.

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