What will you feed?

And just like that, another year is coming to a close. #bye2016 I’ve always loved these few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For me, they’re kind of a slow limbo to be progressively reflective and growing. I like to think about the lessons I’ve learned in the past year, but always from the [...]

Guilt-Free NYE Drinks

I've never really been one to want to go out for New Year's Eve. Even after turning 21, the idea of paying an astronomical cover charge to an overcrowded club filled with drunk strangers is not my idea of ringing in the New Year. I'm a big fan of homebody NYE celebrations. Friends, family, board [...]

A Toast to the New Year

Happy New Year! Southern California decided to start the party a little early this morning with some snowfall! I wish it had stayed, but it was fun while it lasted. I hope that this year is full of love, success, and most of all - happiness! ♡