Summer Wedding Guest

Happy June babes! And with that, wedding season is upon us! I have 4 weddings (one down, three to go!) on my calendar this summer alone! I got off lucky with the first- I was a bridesmaid so my outfit was decided on months ago. As for the next three… ooh. Not so sure yet.

So obviously I’ve been on the hunt for some great pieces I can snag. If summer weddings – or honestly, any dressy summer parties in general- are on your agenda this year, check out these five fun and chic pieces!


ONE. Β Shoulder Tie Lace Dress
Honestly for me, one of my fave things about clothing in general is fun sleeves! No matter what the season, I’m always down to have a unique sleeve moment. I think it just adds an extra element of chic to any look. That being said, I think this feminine tie sleeve dress is perfect for a wedding that’s more on the formal side!

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Valentine’s Gift Guide: His + Hers

Valentines GG.jpg

We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day! Some people view it as a cliche, but personally I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun holiday to celebrate loved ones in your life- whether that be a significant other or your best girlfriends.

The two hardest questions I’ve had with this holiday over the last few years of dating/marriage with Carl: what to get him and what to say when he asks what I want.

If you’re stuck on these too (or just want to drop some hints ;) ), then check out the details below on this His + Hers Gift Guide we created!

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Fall Bag Picks

Happy November! <– How crazy is that?! I can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. It’ll be Christmas before we know it.Fall.png

Fall (or at least some slightly cooler temps) are finally coming to Southern California. Fall is one of, if not my absolute, favorite seasons. This was especially true when I was going to school in the Midwest- all the leaves would change, temperatures would dip and I could actually wear fall layers.Β Another reason I love fall is the colors. Deep burgundy, shades of brown, black- all so chic and easy to pair.

That being said, I am so excited to finally usher in my fall wardrobe in the coming weeks. First order of business? Time to update my bag!

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