Cheers to 21 Years

(PSA: apologies for my lopsided bun and awkward faces. my fiancé failed to mention this to me until after we took the photos and left the apartment)          top: Target vest: TJ Maxx leggings: H&M boots: Target (similar, can't find my exact) bracelet: Juicy Couture purse: Kate Spade happy monday!  I know it's [...]

catch up

it’s been quite a while! well, here’s a little catch-up on what’s been going on with me. I am a little over  month into my study abroad semester here in Austria. This experience has been absolutely remarkable in more ways than one, and I am so grateful for this opportunity.  Unfortunately, the internet connection here has [...]

Student Sales

Like many of you, I'm a college student! And as such, my budget is a lot more narrow than I'd like it to be (thanks a lot, textbooks). And so, I have curated a list of stores and designers that offer discounts for students. Check it out and if I missed any, let me know! [...]