DIY Iced Coffee

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I need a coffee IV in my body for 24/7 caffeine absorption. <- not at all dramatic. top (ON SALE!)//cutest cup! One of my favorite things about the summer is iced coffee. To be honest, I live in Southern California sooooo iced coffee is almost [...]


These last few weeks have literally flown by and I cannot believe we are already almost through June. It feels like it’s been such a blur, but not in the wow-where-did-the-time-go kind of way. More like a holy-crap-what’s-happening-ahhhhhhhhh kind of way.  If you’re in your early to mid-twenties like me- or honestly, probably any age- [...]

3 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Cute robe is a must/ Essential Oils/ the best sleepy tea Getting a full, good night's sleep feels like it's hard to come by these days. More often than not, I find myself waking up and feeling exhausted throughout the day- and I'm definitely not the only one. And unfortunately, I'm guilty of medicating that [...]

The Official Re-Launch!

Oh my gosh... it's finally TIME! Welcome to the re-launch of The Bloom Style blog! This blog has been something I’ve worked on kind of on and off for a few years and I recently decided I wanted to stop half-assing it and really put in the effort to create strong, consistent content that would [...]