Summer Wedding Guest

Happy June babes! And with that, wedding season is upon us! I have 4 weddings (one down, three to go!) on my calendar this summer alone! I got off lucky with the first- I was a bridesmaid so my outfit was decided on months ago. As for the next three… ooh. Not so sure yet.

So obviously I’ve been on the hunt for some great pieces I can snag. If summer weddings – or honestly, any dressy summer parties in general- are on your agenda this year, check out these five fun and chic pieces!


ONE.  Shoulder Tie Lace Dress
Honestly for me, one of my fave things about clothing in general is fun sleeves! No matter what the season, I’m always down to have a unique sleeve moment. I think it just adds an extra element of chic to any look. That being said, I think this feminine tie sleeve dress is perfect for a wedding that’s more on the formal side!

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Shopping for: Bridal Shower

Happy June! I cannot believe how fast this year has been going by.

I’m so excited for the summer! I have a lot planned, for both the wedding (ahh it’s so CLOSE!) and for TBS so make sure you stay updated!

So speaking of the wedding, my bridal shower brunch is coming up next weekend! I’ve been looking around for a cute, fun dress to wear. I haven’t quite picked yet, but there are so many options, since white dresses + summer go together :) 

Here are a few of my picks so far- check them out and let me know what you love!


Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 7.01.21 PM

I LOVE this dress!! It’s just so cute- the detailing is just perfect, in my opinion. It gives so much more depth than just being a plain shift dress, and I think paired with a fun necklace and some brown wedges, it makes the perfect summer party dress!

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