Halloween Coffee Bar

Halloween Coffee Bar

Now that we are into October, we are officially into the last (and best) three months of the year! I just really love this season, and even more so this year as we get ready to celebrate the holiday season as a family of three. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is [...]

Summer Wedding Guest

Happy June babes! And with that, wedding season is upon us! I have 4 weddings (one down, three to go!) on my calendar this summer alone! I got off lucky with the first- I was a bridesmaid so my outfit was decided on months ago. As for the next three... ooh. Not so sure yet. [...]

Shopping for: Bridal Shower

Happy June! I cannot believe how fast this year has been going by. I’m so excited for the summer! I have a lot planned, for both the wedding (ahh it’s so CLOSE!) and for TBS so make sure you stay updated! So speaking of the wedding, my bridal shower brunch is coming up next weekend! [...]