Fall Refresh

Fall Refresh.jpg

When I was in school, I looked at the start of a new school year almost like New Year’s Eve- a time to make new resolutions, re-define my goals and reevaluate everything I do or don’t do.

Now that I’m not in school, I find myself using a shift in seasons to help me hit the reset button. With this week being the start of fall (YAY!) and the weather starting to change, I’ve been taking time to assess where I am and where I want to be.

It’s important to be constantly reevaluating these things. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in everyday life- in the work/life balance, relationships, trying to keep up hobbies, having time for yourself, etc- that the goals we were hoping to achieve can become less tangible or become lost altogether. It’s not just a saying that time flies – I still can’t believe we’re heading into the last few months of 2017.

I’ve thrown myself into different projects the last few months without focusing on time management as much and I’ve noticed that a lot of other things have fallen to the wayside as a result. I’ve made less of an effort to make sure that I’m exercising regularly, spent less and less time in prayer and haven’t properly read a book for leisure in months.  And even though I’m starting to reach goals and small milestones in my projects, I feel tired, overwhelmed and stressed a lot of the time because I’m not giving myself “me time.”

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Fall Transition

Happy happy Monday!

I am so excited for fall to hurry up and get here. Seeing my favorite bloggers + stores starting to bring out the fall trends has me dying for the weather to drop 25 degrees.

Unfortunately, we’re in that weird time of the year here in California where it’s cool and breezy up until about noon, and then it warms up in the afternoon.

So today I’m sharing my favorite transitional piece- long sleeved rompers!

They’re perfect for this time of year because they’re super versatile and such an easy look to throw together. They can be dressed up with wedges or booties and a statement necklace or dressed down with a pair of flats and scarves.

Rompers are also insanely comfy, so you won’t feel uncomfortable hot when the day heats up. I also love to throw a chunky cardigan over my romper in the morning- so cozy! I prefer my rompers that have sleeves because I find them to be more comfortable and if it’s not cold enough to require a full cardigan, the sleeve provides some coverage. 

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Target Fall Staples

Happy Labor Day!

Fall is approaching, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it in California yet- boo! Regardless, I’m slowly starting to build up my fall wardrobe staples.

These are simple but necessary pieces for the fall that I’ve needed to re-stock for a while. I love having fun, stylish statement pieces for fall (hello chunky sweaters + chic boots!), but it’s also good to have solid staple pieces that can be mixed with anything. We made a trip to Target this weekend to look at things for Carl, but of course we left with a few pieces for me as well! ;)

Black Jeans
  Even though we all practically live in leggings during the cooler months, it’s always good to have a solid pair of structured black jeans. They can help dress and outfit and are perfect for shorter sweaters! Mine were getting worn out so it was definitely time for a new pair and Target is currently having a sale on denim!

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Labor Day White Looks + Sales

I am so ready for this long weekend. Although end of August + September kicks off a crazy time for us (literally a birthday a week starting today- happy birthday, mom!), fall is my favorite season and I can’t wait to jump into it.


LaborDay2017.pngI’m not one to follow the no white after Labor Day rule. I wear white during all 4 seasons because I like it and it makes me look tan- need I say more? And since this week has been insanely hot + humid, this weekend could not be more perfect for cool, white Labor Day looks. And if you don’t want to celebrate with white, check out the killer Labor Day sales- some of which begin as early as today and tomorrow!

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Staying Productive


Sooo who else struggles with feeling productive all week? Same.

Sometimes I’ll be on a roll and hit the ground running with all the different projects and errands I need to get done, but more often than not, I’m lagging. Whether you work in a traditional office or a creative business, we all hit that point in our day or week where we’re feeling uninspired or unstimulated. When I find myself falling into this slump, I remind myself of my goals and my wins for the last week or month. I’ve also found that implementing these three productivity hacks keeps me focused all week! (In addition to multiple cups of coffee- but that’s a whole other story)


 I’m big on planners, to-do lists and calendars-  and I use all of them simultaneously. On Sundays, I like to plan out my week in my planner. I have this one right now but I’m starting to look for 2018-19 (crazy!) planners and I’m liking this one as a possibility. I’ll write out my to-do list of things that need to get done that week and write out important dates or events, like meetings or what day a post needs to go live. That helps to set the tone of what needs to get done.

 Then, every night, I use my handy Google Calendar to color code the next day. And when I say color code, I mean legit timing out each hour of my next day. I block out time to get ready, to go to the gym, to work on the blog and business- even to read at night. It sounds (and probably looks) crazy, but it’s honestly what keeps me on track throughout the day. It makes it way easier to block in time for things I typically make the excuse that I don’t have time to do- workout, read, pray, etc. Extremely efficient.

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