Wellness Wednesday: Mad About Matcha!

If you can’t tell from the title, I’m beginning a new section of the blog – #WellnessWednesday! In this section, you’ll find posts on all thing wellness- recipes, superfoods, etc. 

Starting with… matcha!

You’ve definitely heard of, if not seen, this bright green drink all over the place lately. And for good reason- in addition to being a fun drink with tons of variety options, it’s also incredibly good for you!

So what is it? It’s a special form of green tea that literally means “powdered tea.” This is because when you drink green tea, you’re drinking hot water that is infused with the leaves. Matcha is actually the leaves themselves, ground up into a bitter powder.

Onto the benefits! Matcha is full of antioxidants – even more than blueberries or your fave leafy greens. Since it’s a powder made directly from the leaves, almost all the nutrients remain fully intact.

Matcha is also packed with minerals and antioxidants like catechin and polyphenol. This means that just like green tea, it’s a metabolism booster! *happy dance* It also means that matcha can help fight off illness in the body and improve your overall health. These antioxidants also make matcha a major anti-inflammatory and have been associated with slowing the growth of cancer cells.  And if you’re a caffeine addict,  it will also give you a dose of that- again, more than your typical bag of green tea. It’s also been known to enhance your mood and help you feel at peace.

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These last few weeks have literally flown by and I cannot believe we are already almost through June. It feels like it’s been such a blur, but not in the wow-where-did-the-time-go kind of way. More like a holy-crap-what’s-happening-ahhhhhhhhh kind of way.

 If you’re in your early to mid-twenties like me- or honestly, probably any age- there’s a lot going on. The transition to post-grad, making decisions about jobs and businesses, relationships…. the list goes on.

 Well that’s definitely been my life lately. If I had to put it into a single word, the word would be blurry. I just felt overwhelmed at everything going on and like things were happening way too fast.Things have just felt off- one morning in particular, I woke up and was just filled with anxiety that I couldn’t even pinpoint a source to.

 Driving into to work that morning, I thought about what my life had been like lately- busy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I thrive off having things to do and trying to utilize all the hours of my day to be productive. But that kind of drive comes with a downside too. How many of those hours did I devote to taking care of me? Not a whole lot, to be honest.

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Podcasts I Love

Happy Monday!

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’ve been crushing it so far this year (.. all nine days of it haha).

Either way, my productivity, creativity- all that jazz- have been at a high and I’m loving it. When I have these major bouts of hustle, I like to make sure I’m maximizing on it and try to be judicious of my time to consciously make decisions to feed into that. (More on that in this post!).


One thing I love is to do to enhance my day is listen to podcasts. Don’t get me wrong – I’m an avid Spotify gal and can be found blasting the tunes in the office or the gym. But sometimes I like to switch it up and listen to podcasts. I play them in the car on my drive into work in the morning, while I’m doing my makeup, cleaning the house, etc. Some of my faves are definitely just entertaining and good for a laugh, but I also really try to listen to shows that are educational and provide some value.

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What will you feed?

And just like that, another year is coming to a close. #bye2016

I’ve always loved these few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For me, they’re kind of a slow limbo to be progressively reflective and growing. I like to think about the lessons I’ve learned in the past year, but always from the perspective of trying to implement those lessons and ideas for the upcoming year rather than dwelling in the past.

And of course, making good ol’ resolutions. Which is what I was going to write about in this post- “___ Resolutions I’m making this year.”


But a friend of mine posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that really inspired me as I was writing today’s post. “What you feed will live; what you starve will die.”

I love this! It really put things into perspective for me. How many times a day do we say “ugh I wish I could do this or that” Or “I wish I didn’t do this or that so much” or “ I wish I was successful in this.” But how often do we do the opposite?

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The benefits of prayer/meditation/shutting up for 15 minutes

BENEFITS OF MEDITATION (1)This post isn’t meant to be preachy in any way. [just a disclaimer]

We live in a crazy hectic world. We’re constantly running from one place to another like crazy people and we stay busy almost all day.

Which is why the idea of taking some time out of your day everyday to pray or meditate or just simply shut up is so so necessary.

Does that sound like crazy talk? It did for me.

I thrive on keeping myself busy- it’s the best way for me to get work done. I have my to-do list every day, my whole day scheduled in my calendar almost always a week in advance and I stick to it (please tell me someone else out there does too). Especially now that it’s wedding week, things can get really stressful. 

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