Engagement Ring Care

Ok ladies- you’ve got the ring. Everyone wants to see it. You know the one major rule of the newly engaged- always ALWAYS have your nails done. It’s a cardinal rule. But after the “ooh’s and ahh’s” and constant photos start to lessen, it’s time to focus on a more important upkeep- the ring itself. [...]

Bling Bling, I got the ring!

yup- I'm ENGAGED!! I mentioned this a little in my last post, but I thought I would dedicate this one to all the mushy details and photos! First of all, this came as a major surprise. Carl and I had talked about getting engaged maybe around Christmastime or into the new year. So this really [...]

date night: yardhouse

yay for date night! the past week has been insanely busy, so the boyfriend decided to plan a nice dinner date for us. He picked me up, flowers n tow, and off we went. We actually were a little late out the door because ridiculous me was turning over everything in my room looking for [...]