Nail Faves: Fall Edition

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, one of my biggest pet peeves is having chipped nails. It drives me crazy- it looks messy and makes me feel like I’m not put together. (You can find more of my fave polishes in this post). 

Fall Nail
Because of this, I’m constantly painting and touching up my manicure. I love to switch up the colors depending on my mood or the season. I’m starting to trade in of my pinky-nudes and summer whites in favor of more moody burgundy and other dark fall colors. 

The color I have on currently is unfortunately part of a discontinued collaboration between Sephora and OPI. I’ve had it for a few years and I didn’t realize it was no longer available until this post. This is a similar OPI color. I love a good grey color for the beginning of fall- it’s a great transitional shade from bright neutrals to darker ones and is a very stylish color.

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Current Skincare Faves

I don’t know about you guys, but this end of summer/pre-fall time of the year always wreaks havoc on my skin. I have combination skin, so it’s all over the place. I’ve been adding  a few new products to my routine over the summer and these are my current faves!

Facial Razors
  Ok, so first things first. Lately, I’ve been taking these razors and shaving my face. Forehead, sides of the face, cheeks- pretty much everywhere with hair other than my brows. At first when I heard about this from one of my fave blogger babes Lauryn Evarts, I thought it was beyond bizarre. However, after reading her post and having done this consistently for the last 2 months or so, all apprehension is gone. These dollar store gems make hair removal quick and easy and leave your face feeling seriously so soft! And bonus- having that smooth canvas makes your makeup sit much better and look 1000x more #flawless.

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Essie Gel Couture Polish

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is a chipped manicure. It drives me crazy when my nails aren’t perfectly done, and I can’t remember ever going more than a day sans polish since high school.

I went through a major phase of having acrylic nails 24/7 because my own natural nails are short and not quite durable. But, as acrylics are prone to do, they damaged what little nail I had.

I looked into other options that were less costly and less damaging than the acrylics. I bought an at-home UV lamp and gel polish colors and strengthener to help hem. It worked, but I noticed that while the manicure didn’t chip, it would be overly hardened by the light and would sometimes pop off altogether.

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Lash Extension 101

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Hello and happy Wednesday!

Today I’m talking eyelash extensions! I know I’m a little slow to get on this- especially for someone who is obsessed with lashes and *was* a regular lash strip wearer (more here). But I was held back for 2 reasons: the price and honest skepticism on how long they would actually last.

However, if you’ve seen my Insta or Snap stories lately, I am most definitely on the lash extension bandwagon now. But not without a lot of questioning and getting them done right (more on that later). But I know I’m not the only one with a million questions so my lash stylist, Margarita of Margarita Style, broke it down and gave me all the details..

The Process

First and foremost, if you’re planning on giving these extensions a try, make sure you go to a licensed esthetician who is certified in eyelash extensions. It can seem much easier to go to a nail salon that offers a new set of extensions for $50 than pay the big bucks for an esthetician- but do you really want to go cheap with a product close to your eyes?

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All About That LASH!

I have always had a major love for big, dramatic lashes. They open up your eyes and make you look a little extra alert- perfect for everything from early mornings to date night trying to look put together the morning after a late night.

I have definitely not been blessed with naturally long, luscious lashes. (Side note: Is it just me or does it always seem that guys have the best natural eyelashes?! SO unfair!).



I didn’t really get into fake lashes until a few months ago. I always struggled with getting them on evenly, getting them to stay and disguising them. All those fabulous beauty vloggers make it look so easy to just casually slap on a strip and call it a day, right? Not so much for me.

But practice makes perfect, and now I’d say I’m pretty decent at it. I’ve picked up a few ticks, tips and tools to share that might help make lash application a little less frustrating for you too!

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