My name is Melissa and this blog is my way to express my love for beauty, style and faith, as well as to share thoughts and life in the hopes of inspiring and helping foster a community of positivity.
  A little about me: I have been blogging o/off since high school. It’s never been completely consistent and my topics have changed throughout the years, but my love of it as a passion hasn’t. I’m a Franciscan University graduate and will (hopefully) soon be working towards a teaching credential. My husband and I live and work in beautiful Southern California.

Coffee dates are my love language, cats are my favorite of all pets even though I’m wildly allergic now and one of my biggest pet peeves is having poor service while talking on the phone.

I hope you are inspired by, connect or just smile at something here.

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Disclaimer: The Bloom Style is a personal blog full of opinions & ideas that are solely my own. 

Sponsorships & affiliate links: I may earn a small commission for products and reviews that I blog about or link to and this will be clearly outlined . I will not link or endorse products that I do not truly love. 

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