The Bloom Style was created to share fashion/style inspiration, lifestyle, recipes and more with a community of young women. 

Melissa has a degree in Communications and has worked in public relations, social media management and freelance writing. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband Carl. For samples of her published writing, see the Press page.


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Fun Stuff

iced coffee (ALWAYS), Instagram, my faith,  perfectly manicured nails, rosé + skinny margs, the color pink, selfies (I ain’t sorry),  girls nights in, big bouquets, everything Kardashian, witty rap, scary movies, ocean views, home decor, big fluffy cats & my tribe of gals (Carl too). 

Can’t Stand:
fuzzy cell signal (Carl can attest to this), messy chewers, unblended makeup, not having sunglasses, negativity, sloppy drunks, chipped nails, driving next to big semi trucks, flip flops (weird, I know), most country music and bacon. 

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