Chic Christmas Cards

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s officially Christmas season! Though TBH I’ve been in the Christmas mood since after my birthday. 

Decorating the house, drinking hot cocoa and listening to holiday music are some of my favorite things to do. Being in the Christmas spirit just makes everyone happy, ya know? And what’s the best way to spread Christmas cheer (other than singing loud for all to hear ;) )? Sending cards!

I absolutely LOVE receiving and sending Christmas cards! I know we see everyone’s life updates and photos via social media, but there’s something about getting a card the old fashioned way with a beautiful family photo that just makes me so happy. 

I’m so excited to send out this year’s card- for obvious reasons haha. And I know our loved ones are going to be so happy to receive a festive photo of our little family! 

This year, I’m partnering up to share about Basic Invite! They are the best place to get your Christmas cards personalized. They have so many beautiful designs available for the holidays (or any other occasion you might need invites for). They also offer over 180 color options, which makes it super easy to customize any design with an instant preview available. You can also have a sample sent to you so you can see the high quality of the paper and how it looks before you send it out (perfect for those ordering wedding invites!). 

But the best part is that Basic Invite will print addresses AND return address for free on your envelopes! You can send a link from them to any of your social sites to request your friends/family members addresses. You can also create a spreadsheet with everyone’s address and upload it instantly! These can be stored in your account so there’s no need to scramble next year when it comes time to send a card.

This is HUGE-  I swear it takes forever to get the cards nicely addressed, especially with all the other chaos of the holiday prep going on. This takes all the hassle out of it at no cost and they print way more beautifully than I could write. 

Whether you’re looking for custom holiday photo cards, wedding invites announcements or even office holiday cards, Basic Invite has you covered! 

For a limited time, they are offering 15% off with code 15FF51

Get more info at their website or follow along on Instagram for some major inspo!

Can’t wait to share our card soon! 


*post sponsored by Basic Invite. as always, all thoughts/opinions are my own*

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