Halloween Coffee Bar

Now that we are into October, we are officially into the last (and best) three months of the year! I just really love this season, and even more so this year as we get ready to celebrate the holiday season as a family of three.

One of my favorite ways to celebrate the holidays is by decorating our house, and Halloween is no exception. I try to find pieces that don’t look too cluttered, and since we are in a small space, I really wanted to highlight one area and sprinkle some other items throughout the rest of the house. As fun (and tempting) as it is to go wild at HomeGoods, so often it can feel overwhelming and cluttered quickly.

Luckily, right before we got into the fall I picked up this great table to build the base of our coffee bar. And then I found the mirror. As soon as I saw it, I knew they would be the perfect pair to dress up for whatever holiday is approaching in a fun, easy way!  I got our mirror from HomeGoods but this is a similar one.

Enter my Halloween bar! I didn’t get too much, but I know it will all accumulate for next year. But honestly, it makes me so happy when I look at it – it’s so festive and simple.

Target and HomeGoods are popping with SO much great decor at reasonable prices so definitely stop in before it sells out. 

Of course, our NINJA Coffee Bar is the constant of the bar. If you don’t have one of these bad boys, I highly recommend! I love that I can make a cup or a whole carafe, but I love even more that it can make iced drinks. 

The skull jar was one of the first decorative pieces we picked up- Carl is obsessed with it! It holds a surprising amount of coffee and gives the bar a cool, spooky feel!

Is there a corner of your house that you love to decorate for the holidays? 



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