At Home Gel Mani

One of my biggest pet peeves is a chipped manicure/plain nails. Since about middle school, I have always had my nails done, whether I was doing them at home or hitting the salon.

Like most millennial ladies, I went through a major acrylic nail phase. But after months of consistent fills, they wrecked my natural nails. As much as I love the long nails look, I needed a break and just did gel or regular polish for a while.

Which is when I started looking into at-home gel kits. I used to have one, but I had some issues with it at first and it ended up lost in packing and moving over the years.

I found this nail lamp on Amazon (SO affordable) and I am obsessed! Doing my own nails has always been something that relaxes me and doing the gel at home means that I can still have a manicure that is long-lasting and dries instantly.

One of the real MVP’s I’ve found is the Polish to Gel Transformer from SensatioNail. There are a ton of brands with great gel shades that I love, but there are a handful of regular polish shades I already have that I love and can’t find a good dupe for. Enter the Polish to Gel Transformer.

You paint your nails with a regular color, let dry and then use the transformer as basically a gel topcoat and cure with the lamp. Voila- instant gel mani with your non-gel color.  You can also mix the transformer with your color in a little mixing pot that comes with the transformer but I prefer to just use it like a topcoat. It is seriously a game changer.

Do you do your nails at home or hit the salon? If you do at home gel, let me know your fave brands and shades!


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