THE best pregnancy heels

Best Pregnancy Heels

Happy Sunday!

I know it’s been awhile but things have been C R A Z Y! But I ‘m planning more content for the coming months, but with spring dances, weddings, baby showers and more going on during this time of the year, I wanted to share these amazing heels!

These heels have been the only ones that have stayed comfortable during my pregnancy. As I’ve hit the 6th/7th month, I am definitely getting a little more swollen -I’m already out of my wedding rings! I’ve been keeping it pretty comfortable as far as footwear on the daily but we’ve had a lot of events and church things so I was on the struggle to make some of my other heels fit.

I swear these are the only heels I’ve been able to wear that are still extremely comfortable for long periods of time and look great with a variety of looks. The heel isn’t too tall and the fit on the top of the shoe isn’t constricting or painful.

They’re super affordable from Target and they come in black as well, which I’m definitely thinking about picking up.

If you have any brands or items that have been a must-have during pregnancy, drop them below! :)

Have an amazing rest of your weekend everyone!



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