Pregnancy Diary: First Trimester


I have been so so excited to be able to share that with the world! This has been such an incredible journey — far more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I want to share my thoughts and experiences throughout this pregnancy in an open and honest way!

T H E    B E G I N N I N G

To be honest, I still can’t believe that this is happening.

I took my first at-home test (or three) the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I had been feeling a little off for over a week so I actually took a test the week before that came out negative. But like I said, something just felt off so I decided to take another one before Carl and I headed down to his mom’s for the holiday. And sure enough, it hadn’t been more than a minute when the plus sprang up! I took digital tests too, and they were all positive as well! And let me tell you- I was SHAKING. When I took that test, I was just over 5 weeks pregnant.

I didn’t tell Carl until later that weekend, mostly because I was still in disbelief myself. Most of you don’t know since I didn’t share this online, but in January of 2017 I had a miscarriage. It was the most devastatingly heartbreaking thing I have ever experienced, as any woman who has suffered a loss can understand. So I was definitely excited about this little life, but I would say that most of those first few weeks I felt more anxious than anything.

*Buuuuut since I also have little self control and needed to tell someone, I Facetimed my sister right after the tests to tell her )

When I finally told Carl, he was so excited. He’s always wanted kids and to be a dad, so he was thrilled. His excitement really helped to make me less nervous. I went to my doctor and had a blood test to confirm the next week. My HCG levels were right on target and everything looked good, so we told our families! 

So what is the first trimester like? Nothing that I expected, let me tell you.


  So in the first trimester, I experienced pretty much all of the stereotypical symptoms of pregnancy, which was not fun at times. But to be honest, this whole pregnancy has been such a blessing and given what happened with my first pregnancy, I am honestly grateful to be progressing as I am supposed to. So I’m definitely not complaining, but I do want to be very honest about this experience!

 So first, I felt exhausted. Like all the time. From doing nothing (except I guess growing a human lol). Carl will be the first to say that I am not normally a nap/rest person,  so this was one of the harder things for me. I felt this overwhelming type of exhaustion from pretty much mid-afternoon until I went to bed.

 I was very nauseous for most of this trimester too, all throughout the day (“morning” sickness my butt) which was definitely not fun.

  Another constant in the physical changes category is that my boobs have been insanely sore. It’s definitely lessened now but it was downright painful in the beginning. And being someone with an already substantial cup size, I can say that my boobs getting bigger is something I (and my back) are not looking forward to.

 And finally, I feel like the bathroom and I are besties at this point. The pregnancy coupled with the fact that I have been trying to hydrate a ton have sent me to the bathroom every 30-40 minutes to pee. And also a lot of gas and burping have been happening- suuuuper attractive lol.


Lots of veggies for sure- carrots, spinach, kale, etc.- and protein. I’ve been getting back into smoothies as well which has been really good. I haven’t been a  huge eater at meals, but instead I’m just hungry throughout the day, which works for me. I keep a bag of almonds and some sort of fruit or veggie in my bag (along with water) to snack on throughout the day. I also read that calcium and dairy are really good during this time, so plain Greek yogurt and berries are another go-to.  

F I R S T    T R I M E S T E R   O B   A P P T

 I had my first 10-week OB appt. With the team we chose right after Christmas! It was mostly to go over my pregnancy so far and see how I was doing. I had no weight gain, which was great. I was already a little heavier than my recommended weight before getting pregnant so as long as I am eating healthy, there is no need for me to put on baby weight. But of course, my doctors are monitoring everything to keep baby and I as healthy as possible.

The most important part of this appointment for both Carl and I was being able to hear our little one’s heartbeat. I didn’t make it this far in my last pregnancy, so I was definitely nervous going into this one. But the second I saw our baby on the monitor and heard the heartbeat, it was full tears- and everything suddenly felt really real. From here on out, I’ll go into the office every 4 weeks.


The first trimester was harder than I had anticipated but it was good overall. I have to say that Carl has 1000% made this entire journey so much easier. He has been so helpful and loving through all my craziness (like when I burst into tears during The Office for literally no reason) and brings me down when I get anxious about this baby. He has been a rock and is already such an amazing dad.

I am now 13 weeks and ready to start my second trimester!

Up next: finding out what this little one is! I am hoping for a girl but I feel like this one’s a boy! I guess we will see soon!

If you like these bulk updates or want some specific posts, leave a comment below! And if you moms out there have any tips, tricks or products to recommend, let me know as well!


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