Bride-To-Be Box!

Spring is here and you know what that means- wedding season!

Carl and I are at that age where it seems like people around us are getting married or engaged alllll the time. Within the first year we got married, we attended 3 weddings in addition to our own! Things have calmed down a bit this year for us (except now everyone is having babies and I’m like 😍😍😍… KIDDING CARL- but also not….).

Anyways, being engaged is such a special time in your life and let’s be honest- it’s your time to shine. No shame in that!  

That being said, speaking as a bride and a bridesmaid both, there’s nothing better than being able to help shower (ha) and surround the bride-to-be in your life with love and support! When I got engaged, a friend of mine got me this wedding planner and it was such a helpful, fun gift!

And if I’m being honest, I’m loving WAY more being on the other side of wedding planning now. Maybe I’ll write a few posts about my wedding and planning process? We’ll see!

So to the point of this rambling- one of my best girlfriends (like, since our school-uniforms-in-middle-school friends) JUST got engaged to her high school sweetheart (I die)! 

She was visiting him in Florida when he popped the question, so I thought it would be fun for her to come home to a little Bride-to-Be box!

I bought almost everything in the box from Francesca’s and Target because let’s be honest- they have the best girly knicknacks. AKA take all my money.

Future Mrs. travel cup: Drinkware is always useful! You can mix and match here for a water bottle, wine glass, coffee mug, etc. If you have time, it’s a great touch to personalize it to their new last name – “Future Mrs. XXXX.” The one I bought is not available online, so check your local store or the other available style! 

Candle: Who doesn’t love a good candle? I say find a white one for obvious (and aesthetic) purposes but if she already has colors in mind, go for one of her picks for the wedding! I grabbed this from Francesca’s as well but I don’t see it online. 

Beer Coozie: I just thought this was a fun one! She’s going to be doing a lot of planning this summer so this is a perfect way to show off her bling.

Instant Happy: A little jar of confetti! I told her she can throw a little bit of it as she crosses off milestones- picking the dress, booking the venue, etc.

Card: Definitely have to throw in a cute card! It’s a great opportunity to let your friend know that you’re so excited for this next chapter in her life and are there to support her. Because we all know wedding planning can go from 0-100 real real quick.

(Box is from Target!)

What’s your best wedding planning tip?!


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