Save or Splurge: Jean Jackets

Helloooooo and happy Monday!

Currently riding the struggle roller coaster known as the day after Daylight Savings. Right now, I’ve chugged a large coffee and had some oatmeal so I’m on the up and up, but this morning was rough. But anyways-

My latest obsession is with jean jackets. I know I might be a little behind on this, but honestly, it was so hard for me to find a jacket that I really loved! I felt like all the jackets I tried were cropped and super unflattering on me since I’m bigger in the chest and not tall at all.

I finally snagged one and I feel like I’m wearing it 24/7! I’ve gotten tons of questions about it so I decided to share it as well as some other options!

One of the best things about the denim jacket trend is that it’s so versatile. You can wear it with so many outfits and it makes a perfect accessory, but the jackets themselves come in so many styles and colors too.

Whether you’re a babe on a budget or in the mood to splurge, here are a few options I’m loving for this trend:

Distressed Denim (F21)    
This is actually the jacket I snagged! Like I said, I needed room and wanted my jacket to allow movement instead of being super fitted so sizing up above my usual fit was a definite necessity!  I love that it’s so roomy at the top, longer and ripped to perfection (another issue I had with other jackets!).

Oversized Denim Jacket (Missguided)
    If you’re looking for a comfier fit without the rips or the big price tag, this jacket is a great classic option!


  Studded Jean Jacket (TopShop)
    I love that this jacket looks like a regular jacket, but as you get closer shows so much unique detail! This is a great one if you want a piece that is classic with subtle updates.

Sunday Funday Denim Trucker Jacket (Free People)
Ok, honestly, I’m obsessed with this piece! It’s  a perfect tough-meets-glam statement without overdoing it on the distress or studding. Definitely thinking about snagging this one!

Which is your fave?! Are you still into jean jackets or over it?


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