First off, I have to say- I am digging this much-needed rain (at least here in CA). I think it’s gone for now, but still. We definitely needed it and it was nice to feel like we had some “winter” weather here for once.

My sister’s boyfriend was in town for a bit before they both go back to school this week so we decided to take him up to LA on Saturday. It was a perfect day to go- it wasn’t crazy crowded (especially for a weekend) and the weather was great.


We went to Alfred Tea for the first time (so good!), walked around Melrose, walked around The Grove and ended at the Griffith Observatory.

I had such a blast just getting to walk around and see L.A. My family is originally from there, but from a different part, so it’s kind of fun to experience other parts of the city/parts I haven’t seen in awhile.

My mom, sister and I also went down to North Park/La Jolla area of San Diego for a girls day earlier in the week and explored down there for a bit too.

It made me realize how much time I waste staying home on the weekends during the year! Obviously there are weekends at the end of a long week that make you just want to curl up with a book and decompress. But for the most part, we don’t do a whole lot on the weekend. #GetOutoftheHouse2018

It wasn’t a resolution for me initially, but I want to make more of a goal to go out and experience things. Whether a full on vacation or just taking 2 weekends a month to go explore more of San Diego/LA,  There is so much to see and do, from just walking around and experiencing different parts of the city to new shops/museums and hikes. It’s crazy not to take advantage of them!

And with this upcoming weekend being a long weekend for both Carl and I, I’m excited to see what we can do!

If you live in or have been to this area, drop me your recommendations below!


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