Mexican Hot Chocolate

Happy Friday!

We’re in the final 10 day countdown to Christmas! I’m taking today to finish up all my shopping and wrapping so I can relax and just enjoy family and get some baking done this week.

A favorite in our house during this season is hot chocolate! We have it at least twice a week during December. Carl loves to load his up with peppermint and whipped cream while I prefer to keep it classic with just marshmallows.

Last week, I made him some Mexican Hot Chocolate and he loved it! I grew up drinking it (and champurrado!) with my family, but he had never had it. I love it not only because of the memories, but I think the taste is so unique. It’s not quite as sweet a your average hot cocoa, but it has more spice and flavor.

We usually cheat and just use the Abuelita bars because they’re quick, easy and delicious!

Bring 4 cups of milk to a boil on your stove and break up the tablet with a knife. Drop the pieces in and mix until it dissolves. Then whisk up until it froths. Pour into your mug, top with your favorite treats and enjoy!

I also found a recipe from Little Spice Jar on Pinterest to make your own Mexican Hot Chocolate in a crockpot. This is perfect to set out for family and friends! I’ll definitely be giving this recipe a try next week.

Have you guys tried Mexican Hot Chocolate? What other holiday drinks does your family make to cozy up?


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