The Best At-Home PSL Recipe

Happy happy Friday!

I’m so ready for the weekend. And what better way to kick it off than with a Pumpkin Spice Latte?! It is fall after all, and speaking as a millennial woman, it wouldn’t be fall without shotgunning these until I can’t stand the smell of pumpkin.


But that autumnal joy comes with a price tag- a hefty one if you’re drinking a few week. Which is why I want to share this delicious, financially guilt-free PSL recipe! I stumbled upon this- where else- on Pinterest! I tried a few recipes this week, and this one from Inspired Taste is hands down the winner in all categories. It’s stupid easy to make and tastes amaziiiiiiing.
So let’s get to the dirty deets:



Crazy easy right?! I’m obsessed!

Will I still pull through a Starbucks drive through or grab a PSL from my fave local coffee shops while out? 100%. BUT now I can feel less guilty splurging on it once every two weeks and making it at home the rest of the time. Sounds like a win/win for me and my bank account!

Let me know what your thoughts are if you give this a try! Also taking suggestions on how to DIY any other delicious seasonal drinks!


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