Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Faves


Today is officially the First Day of Fall!!

AKA the start of the best season of the year. It’s even a little chilly here in California for once today. So excited to get to jump into fall fashion, fall activities (T-2 days until the local pumpkin patch opens up) and more!

So in honor of the beginning of all things seasonal, I’m sharing a roundup of my favorite fall/pumpkin themed picks from Trader Joe’s! They always have the best assortment of pumpkin products and I look forward to them every year. I’m sharing some of my classic faves as well as some new products I tried for the first time.

I prefer to shop in the TJ store itself  (some things are also cheaper there than online), but I linked through Amazon for convenience.


Pumpkin Butter

I use pumpkin butter as a jelly substitute during the fall, but it has a variety of uses. I put it on my toast (along with apple slices- yum!), mix it into my yogurt, use it to top off pancakes, etc. It can also be used in baked goods and adds an extra seasonal sweetness.

Pumpkin Pecan Oatmeal

During the cooler months, I love having oatmeal for breakfast. This pumpkin pecan oatmeal is  a nice variation from my usual brown sugar bowl. It’s flavorful and the pecan helps add the nutty hint that keeps the pumpkin from being too overwhelming. It’s also incredibly filling!

Pumpkin Ice Cream

 Honestly, I thought this was a terrible idea until I tried it last year. I was shocked at how good this stuff is – I was expecting it to be overly sweet and considered ice cream a food that shouldn’t be added to the fall pumpkin food cult, but I was happily mistaken. This ice cream is a great treat that I would be more than happy to enjoy year round. (And now have to keep stocked because my husband is obsessed!).

Pumpkin Spice Coffee

 I mean, did you think this wasn’t going to make the list? Since I can’t justify swinging through Starbucks every morning for my PSL fix, having an at-home alternative is the next (most cost-effective) best thing. The one at TJ’s is SO delicious! It fills your kitchen with the smell of pumpkin (always a win) and flavor-wise, I have zero complaints.

I’ve also seen a handful of recipes on Pinterest to either make your own pumpkin spice coffee creamer or pumpkin spice latte itself, so keep an eye out for future attempts at these on the blog!
What are your favorite fall foods/recipes? Looking for new dinner ideas for the cooler weather!


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