Target Fall Staples

Happy Labor Day!

Fall is approaching, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it in California yet- boo! Regardless, I’m slowly starting to build up my fall wardrobe staples.

These are simple but necessary pieces for the fall that I’ve needed to re-stock for a while. I love having fun, stylish statement pieces for fall (hello chunky sweaters + chic boots!), but it’s also good to have solid staple pieces that can be mixed with anything. We made a trip to Target this weekend to look at things for Carl, but of course we left with a few pieces for me as well! ;)

Black Jeans
  Even though we all practically live in leggings during the cooler months, it’s always good to have a solid pair of structured black jeans. They can help dress and outfit and are perfect for shorter sweaters! Mine were getting worn out so it was definitely time for a new pair and Target is currently having a sale on denim!

Comfy t-shirts
These were honestly probably the best buy. I got them in black and in white. They’re insanely comfy and the perfect length to wear with everything. I love having thin, solid-colored t-shirts to wear under cozy cardigans or with a big scarf. And it’s a great deal- they’re 2 for $14 so definitely go grab a few!

Striped Top
Another great buy. I love black + white striped clothing (and I probably don’t need any more… oh well). This one is a little thicker than the plain-colored tops but I love that it’s a little more sturdy for cooler days and the sleeve roll detail is always a fave for me.

Everyday Bag
  Now when it comes to fall bags, my burgundy Coach tote is my go-to. It’s a good-size bag that can fit my planner, laptop, sunglasses case, etc and I’m in LOVE with the color. But the only black bag I have is a small crossbody, so I wanted something that was kind of in-between for everyday use running errands, coffee dates, etc. This one is a great size and is more structured than the tote, which I love. And the puff ball attachment? I was sold!

  I’ve been trying to wear more lipstick lately, so this was my first step into re-stocking my collection. I love the NYX liquid lip collections and this color (Sandstorm) is no exception. This is a great everyday shade and the formula is amazing, especially for the price. It stays on well and doesn’t smudge. I’m on the hunt for a burgundy shade for the fall, so drop your faves in the comments so I can check them out!

What are your fall wardrobe staples?


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