Staying Productive


Sooo who else struggles with feeling productive all week? Same.

Sometimes I’ll be on a roll and hit the ground running with all the different projects and errands I need to get done, but more often than not, I’m lagging. Whether you work in a traditional office or a creative business, we all hit that point in our day or week where we’re feeling uninspired or unstimulated. When I find myself falling into this slump, I remind myself of my goals and my wins for the last week or month. I’ve also found that implementing these three productivity hacks keeps me focused all week! (In addition to multiple cups of coffee- but that’s a whole other story)


 I’m big on planners, to-do lists and calendars-  and I use all of them simultaneously. On Sundays, I like to plan out my week in my planner. I have this one right now but I’m starting to look for 2018-19 (crazy!) planners and I’m liking this one as a possibility. I’ll write out my to-do list of things that need to get done that week and write out important dates or events, like meetings or what day a post needs to go live. That helps to set the tone of what needs to get done.

 Then, every night, I use my handy Google Calendar to color code the next day. And when I say color code, I mean legit timing out each hour of my next day. I block out time to get ready, to go to the gym, to work on the blog and business- even to read at night. It sounds (and probably looks) crazy, but it’s honestly what keeps me on track throughout the day. It makes it way easier to block in time for things I typically make the excuse that I don’t have time to do- workout, read, pray, etc. Extremely efficient.

Be constantly learning

Like I mentioned, I always like to make sure to block in time to read 2-3 times a week. That can vary from books about business, spirituality, biographies and more. In addition to that, I try to listen to podcasts throughout the day. There are so many amazing podcasts out there that touch on everything! I try to listen to them while I get ready in the morning, drive around or while cleaning or cooking. It’s a nice break from my Spotify playlists and keeps my brain constantly turning!

Find your creative spot

 I tend to do a lot of my business/blog work from home. While this is great sometimes, more often than not, I find myself getting totally distracted multiple times an hour. This is definitely a common complaint from those who are lucky enough to work from home, so I try to take myself out of my home space when I really need to get stuff done. And for me, a local coffee shop is the perfect place. I love it because in addition to being less distracted by household chores, I am also around people instead of just being with my computer and my podcasts. And the delicious coffee doesn’t hurt either ;)

What are your top tips for staying focused and on task all week?


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