Palm Springs Getaway Guide

Hello and happy Monday!
I hope you’re all having a great start to your week. Things have been crazy busy the last few weeks, and I’m wishing I was back on vacation again for a few days- especially as I was finishing up this Palm Springs Getaway Guide.
If you’re thinking about heading that way for a weekend, check out what we did!

To Stay

We stayed at the Marriott DoubleTree Resort just outside of Palm Springs! We had a great suite overlooking the pool and golf course. What I loved the most about this hotel was the pool area! In addition to the usual tanning chairs, the pool area is sprinkled with hammocks, comfy outdoor couches and games like life-size chess.

To Eat + Drink

Koffi is a great spot to get your caffeine fix. Both the coffee and iced tea were delicious and if you have a minute to sit down and enjoy your drink, their back patio is filled with tons of greenery and a great view of the mountains.

Carl’s pick, Draughtsman, is a great industrial brewery in Downtown Palm Springs. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but Carl loved the Lost Abbey beer he had. The food was also amazing- perfect lunch portions and really filling.

We heard great things about Lulu’s for brunch so we decided to check out their Sunday brunch- and were not disappointed! Their eggs benedict + tiramisu were amazing and Carl loved the steak + eggs. The restaurant itself has a fun summery vibe and everyone was really friendly.

To Do

 Our first stop was actually on the way into Palm Springs. We stopped to see the Cabazon Dinosaurs, a fun roadside stop about 20 minutes out of PS. Full disclosure- I first saw them on an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians lol. BUT all I had to say was “life-size dinosaurs” and Carl was sold. They were actually a really cool experience and I definitely recommend checking them out!  

   Carl was a good sport while we checked out all the basic girl Palm Springs spots- the pink door, Saguaro, the Parker and more.

  To be honest, this trip was a relaxing one for us. We’ve been crazy busy the last few months- transitioning to new jobs, looking around for housing, discussing a lot of exciting projects, etc. So we focused on spending a lot of time poolside and just enjoying each other’s company. I would, however, recommend taking time to just walk around downtown Palm Springs (when its not scorching outside, of course). There are a lot of fun quirky shops and great bars to pop in and out of.

We had a ton of fun and we’d love to go back for a more active trip. Where are your fave PS stops? What other travel guides would you like to see?


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