DIY Iced Coffee

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I need a coffee IV in my body for 24/7 caffeine absorption. <- not at all dramatic.

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One of my favorite things about the summer is iced coffee. To be honest, I live in Southern California sooooo iced coffee is almost a year-round necessity.

I can’t even tell you how much $$ I have spent at Starbucks over the years. I’d tried to make my own iced coffee the classic newbie way- making a cup of hot coffee and adding creamer and ice cubes in it. I’m sure you can guess how well that turned out- watery, bland and undrinkable.

So today I’m sharing my go-to easy iced coffee recipe!

Once you prep, it’s the easiest, quickest drink to make before you run out the door. And even the prep is simple, honestly. So let’s get  into it!

 Coffee Creamer Ice Cubes! Not revolutionary but still- I’m obsessed.

 Basically, you fill an ice cube tray with your fave coffee creamer. This is my favorite creamer for a multitude of reasons- it’s guilt-free and tastes amazing (more on that in this blog post). I freeze it overnight and it’s ready to go in the morning. I’ll make a cup of coffee in my Keurig and pour it in my fave to-go cup. Throw in a few cubes and your sweetener of choice if you want.

 SO easy right?! It keeps the coffee nice and cold without compromising any of the flavor.

Let me know what you think if you try this! And if you make your iced coffee differently, comment your recipe- I’m always looking to try new ways!


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