These last few weeks have literally flown by and I cannot believe we are already almost through June. It feels like it’s been such a blur, but not in the wow-where-did-the-time-go kind of way. More like a holy-crap-what’s-happening-ahhhhhhhhh kind of way.

 If you’re in your early to mid-twenties like me- or honestly, probably any age- there’s a lot going on. The transition to post-grad, making decisions about jobs and businesses, relationships…. the list goes on.

 Well that’s definitely been my life lately. If I had to put it into a single word, the word would be blurry. I just felt overwhelmed at everything going on and like things were happening way too fast.Things have just felt off- one morning in particular, I woke up and was just filled with anxiety that I couldn’t even pinpoint a source to.

 Driving into to work that morning, I thought about what my life had been like lately- busy. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I thrive off having things to do and trying to utilize all the hours of my day to be productive. But that kind of drive comes with a downside too. How many of those hours did I devote to taking care of me? Not a whole lot, to be honest.

  It’s so important to take that time to yourself, especially as we head into the summer and things get busy and calendars get full.

 When I look back at the times in my life that I’ve felt stressfully overwhelmed to the point to anxiety, I see a common pattern: periods of ignoring what I need for me.

 We all have things that make us feel more at peace with ourselves and help us to relax and refuel to continue to kill it at work, school, side hustles, social life. It’s different for everyone. Reading, exercising, coffee dates with friends, writing, meditating.. the list goes on. It doesn’t have to be a big thing and it doesn’t have to consume all your time. But making it a priority to schedule in me time isn’t selfish- it’s the biggest step towards greater productivity you could be taking. Trust me.

For me, it’s making the time to exercise regularly, pray and meditate on what I am thankful for, eat less crap and putting on a face mask. When I’m trying to get a lot done, it becomes difficult or seems like a waste of time to focus on these things. But not taking the extra step to time-block these things into my weekly routine can wear me down quickly.

  So I’m making myself a promise for the summer to stick to these things. To make time to exercise, pray and put on a mask from time to time and to plan out my meals more effectively. Small things, but they make a major difference in helping me feel balanced, healthy (mentally and physically) and at peace. 

What helps to center you and refuel you for life? Let me know in the comments!


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