Valentine’s Gift Guide: His + Hers

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We’re a week away from Valentine’s Day! Some people view it as a cliche, but personally I love Valentine’s Day. It’s a fun holiday to celebrate loved ones in your life- whether that be a significant other or your best girlfriends.

The two hardest questions I’ve had with this holiday over the last few years of dating/marriage with Carl: what to get him and what to say when he asks what I want.

If you’re stuck on these too (or just want to drop some hints ;) ), then check out the details below on this His + Hers Gift Guide we created!

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Watch Box
 We have been together for almost 5 years, so it’s safe to say I’ve purchased my fair share of watches for Carl. While he would certainly like more, a watch box is a unique twist that allows him to display his collection in a classic, organized manner.

The Art of Shaving Kit
  If your man is proud of his facial grooming, this is definitely a great gift. The Art of Shaving’s products are high-quality and durable- not to mention the scents are amazing. They have products for everything- razors and shaving cream for the clean-shaven and lotions/shampoos for the bearded. Pick up a kit or build your own!

Textured Tie
  Ties are a go-to. It seems Carl and I never seem to realize how few ties he has until we’re getting dressed for an event. Ties like this one go with everything and the texture adds an extra emphasis of style to any look. (And added bonus- they’re BOGO 50% off right now!).

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 8.45.50 AM.png

Craft + Foster Candle
  A girl can never have too many candles! These candles not only smell amazing, but are aesthetically stylish for any part of the house or office. And bonus- there is also a “His” line if you and your man love having a mix of masculine and feminine scents in the house!

Gold Bar Necklace
  Love love this classic necklace. Personalized gifs are the best kind, especially from someone you love. Add initials or significant dates to this chic necklace to make it extra special! It’s simple enough to be an every day piece- something that will always remind her of you!

Beauty Subscription Box
  The epitome of a gift that keeps on giving. Order one of these fun goodie boxes for a 3, 6  or even 12-month subscription and your lady will receive a variety of tried, tested and loved beauty products every month. And if the important girl in your life isn’t big on beauty, check out this list of subscription boxes for every interest!

What will you be picking up for your sweetheart this year?


“To love is to be vulnerable” – C.S. Lewis

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