Chia Seed Pudding

Happy Friday!!

For today’s post, I wanted to share with you guys a snack that got me through college (and one that you’ve probably all seen if you’re on Pinterest at all)- chia seed pudding.


Honestly, this snack is so good and crazy easy to make. Unbelievably easy and supremely delicious. I’ve always been big on snacks, and as a kid I had an affinity for tapioca pudding- for both the flavor and the texture. 

This much healthier version gives me the same satisfaction of a sweet treat without feeling guilty afterwards.


What you need:

Chia Seeds (I use tons! They’re super filling and great to make the pudding textured)
Almond Milk
Sweetener of Choice
Mixed Berries

This takes probably a total of 2 minutes to make. Mix a cup of milk with however many scoops of chia seeds you desire (aka 300 for me) and add in your sweetener. I used a tiny bit of agave (since the milk I had was already sweetened), but I’ve used drops of Stevia before as well.

Then pour into a mason jar. Add some berries to the top, close it, shake the jar a few times to prevent settling of seeds and refrigerate overnight and voilà! You have a healthy, sweet treat you can eat on the go.

*I also usually add a little plain Greek yogurt to thicken it up, but I didn’t have any on hand!

The best thing about chia seed pudding is that it’s incredibly versatile. A quick search on Pinterest will show you that once you have your milk + chia base, you can make an endless amount of pudding varieties. Def thinking about trying this chocolate one next!

Which is your fave chia seed pudding recipe?

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