What will you feed?

And just like that, another year is coming to a close. #bye2016

I’ve always loved these few days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For me, they’re kind of a slow limbo to be progressively reflective and growing. I like to think about the lessons I’ve learned in the past year, but always from the perspective of trying to implement those lessons and ideas for the upcoming year rather than dwelling in the past.

And of course, making good ol’ resolutions. Which is what I was going to write about in this post- “___ Resolutions I’m making this year.”


But a friend of mine posted a photo on Instagram with a caption that really inspired me as I was writing today’s post. “What you feed will live; what you starve will die.”

I love this! It really put things into perspective for me. How many times a day do we say “ugh I wish I could do this or that” Or “I wish I didn’t do this or that so much” or “ I wish I was successful in this.” But how often do we do the opposite?

We make so many choices in our everyday lives, both big and small. Consciously and unconsciously. Sometimes those choices or outcomes are out of our hands, but more often than not we have some level of control. We have a choice- a choice to either put up or shut up when it comes to reaching our goals. Or, in more blunt terms, shit or get off the pot.

If you want to achieve something or start/stop doing something, don’t just talk about how much you want it to work. You have to focus completely on whatever it may be. Honestly putting time, energy, dedication, heart and good old hard work into the things you are passionate about will never fail you.

Set your goals and be disciplined about attaining them. Undoubtedly, you will have to make sacrifices. Whether that be taking a step back from toxic friends in an effort to be more positive, cutting bad habits or losing free “me time” to work on your projects, it will always be worth it.

If you want your business or blog to succeed, don’t keep it as a side hobby. Set specific times throughout the day or week to work only on it. Stick to those parameters and hustle hard. You will see results. If your project this year is to work on yourself, then make that a priority- there’s nothing selfish about that. And people who truly want you to succeed will understand.

So by all means, write out your resolution list on Saturday. But ask yourself this (and maybe write suggestion next to the resolution): What are my goals? How can I feed those goals to grow and starve my bad habits away?

What are your biggest goals for 2017?!


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