Shop Til You Drop

If you’re anything like me, chances are you went HAM on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the few days that followed, checking off things left and right from your shopping list… and felt so accomplished that you haven’t thought about it since.

Well, Christmas is literally next weekend and now it’s time for the “oh crap, what am I getting for ____?!” Yup. Which is why I spent yesterday at the mall/Target like a crazy person (poor Carl). And will continue to do so today.

sweater (similar)/choker/leggings/boots/bag/mug

This is my go-to everyday outfit for the Christmas season. It’s festive, fun, a little edgy and most importantly, crazy comfortable. Perfect for running errands.

I bought my leopard print bag from Charming Charlie’s (obsessed!). It’s a perfect size and I love the structure. I’ve been using the large bag it came in to hold all my gifts until they are wrapped haha. But it makes a great carrier when travelling from place to place with gifts during the holidays!

What do you love to shop in?


“Create your own sunshine”


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