Small Space Christmas Decorating

For me, it’s not the Christmas season until I decorate my house/tree/everything I own. I have a whole ritual- my playlist of traditional, old-fashioned Christmas songs, fresh cookies and a large mug of hot cocoa with a heaping pile of marshmallows.

However, being a newly married couple comes with some minor difficulties. Namely, we have a small space to work with. Has that stopped me from spending an inordinate amount of money at Target? Absolutely not. So don’t let it stop you! You can definitely create a homey holiday small space for your apartment or dorm!


Christmas Decor.jpg

JOY Copper Sign/Mug/Pillow/Stocking/Candle/Garland

I’ve found in decorating our little space that sticking to one consistent color scheme (can you tell what ours is?) is a huge help. If you try to mix too many colors/patterns, it can make your rooms look smaller and more cluttered. Sleek, simple festive colors can make all the difference!

I love all these pieces- they create a cohesive look. Like a mature, chic Christmas decoration haul. I’m obsessed! *Side note: the B+BW candles are on sale right now. Run to your nearest store ASAP because their Christmas scents are incredible and the candles last a looooong time. Legit, this balsam candle smells like you have a forrest of Christmas trees in your room. Amazing.

What’s your favorite room to decorate for the holidays?


“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear”

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