What’s In My [Winter] Bag

Ok so truthfully I LOVE when my fave bloggers do these types of posts. probably because i’m so nosy and love to see what people tote around everyday. so I figured I’d share what I keep in my bag!

So let’s start with the bag itself- you can see the whole bag in action in this OOTD post. I’m obsessed with the color  for fall/winter and the size- it fits everything and looks so chic with everything!


  1. Iphone: duh. Not even a question. My camera is having issues so I had to use my phone to shoot this. Phone case from Tech21. (The magnet is for my car mount!).
  2.  Mobile charger: Being stranded with a dead phone is the stuff of my nightmares. #shameless
  3. Chapstick: always on hand. This brand has just always been my fave- I usually apply first thing in the morning so that my lips are moisturized and ready for lipstick later!
  4. Lotion: A must, especially in the face of cold weather! Keep your skin healthy and moisturized on the go. I like this cream because it smells really amazing without being too overpoweringly sweet.
  5. Planneranother duh; even though I have about a million apps and calendars that I use to organize my life, I’ve always been kind of a pen-and-paper, sticky notes in everything kind of  gal. Check out my thoughts on planners here.
  6. Book: I always try to have a good read on hand! I’m almost done with this book (a birthday gift from my sister!) and I’m hooked. Definitely recommend!
  7. Wallet: pretty self-explanatory. However, I’m on the lookout for a slimmer wallet, so send your suggestions!
  8. Sunglasses: Sunlight gives me major headaches most of the time, and living in California doesn’t make for a good situation for that. So I always carry around my sunnies- and I also lose them like it’s my job, so I usually stick to relatively inexpensive ones.
  9. Snacks– Sometimes I switch it up, but usually a small baggie of raw almonds, fruit or an oat bar. These bars are my fave right now! This is probably the most important item in my bag to Carl, since I have been known to become a ravenous, irritable monster when I’m hungry.  Oops ;)
  10. Hair ties– because this mane can get out of control real quick and I lose hair ties like crazy. I love these from Costco because they’re thicker than drugstore ties (which I break alll the time) and hold their shape and elasticity for longer.
  11. Makeup: I always try to have my go-to daily nude color, a fun color like this red, and extra mascara! I love this mascara right now because it layers well and I’m obsessed with the cheetah print on the wand handle.

That’s my winter bag! What must-haves are in your everyday purse?


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