Black Friday Tips


We are halfway through the biggest shopping week of the year and the sales are unbelievable. Maybe  it’s just because this is the first year that my Thanksgiving week wasn’t focused on school, but I definitely think that the stores are rolling out sales wayyyy early this year. Either way, I’m not complaining- the earlier I can cross things off my list the better!

I’ve only gone Black Friday shopping a handful of times, but I’m definitely looking forward to it this year. My girlfriends and I will be up early on Friday and ready to hit the streets to hunt for deals. If you are too, check out my top 5 tips for a successful Black Friday shopping trip!

First and foremost, do your research on the stores! There’s nothing worse than showing up to a mall 2 hours after the craze has begun or realizing when you get home that you missed a killer sale price on something you needed. Read up on the offers your favorite stores will have (especially since they may have already begun!)

Make a List and Check it Twice
Similar to #1, preparation is key. As soon as the holiday season starts, Carl and I set a budget for gifts. After this, I jump on Google Sheets and make a spreadsheet with the name of the gift recipient, the gifts/stocking stuffers and the store I can find the items. Then, at the beginning of the Thanksgiving week, I go through the list and cross-reference the stores in the mall I’m planing on going to and highlight those. This way, I have an exact idea of where I’m going and what I’m getting. Don’t be the person who shows up with no plan- you will quickly become frustrated and leave empty-handed or with items you don’t need.

Dress Comfortably!
As I tell my friends, Black Friday shopping is not a leisure trip. Its like the freaking Olympics at times (you think I’m kidding?). That being said, comfort is key.You want to be able to move quickly.  My outfit of choice is a pair of leggings, sneakers + a comfy t-shirt (maybe a scarf or a vest if you live somewhere chilly), topped off with a LARGE coffee. Which brings us to point #4…

Make your coffee at home
I promise you, Starbucks is going to be the last place you want to be. The lines are insane and it’s just not worth it. Prep your coffee the night before or throw in a K Cup while you get ready and chug in the car.

Strategize for lines- LOTS of lines
I think people who have never shopped on BF think that the frustrating part is trying to find what you’re looking for amongst the chaos. This is so not true- I’ve never not found what I came for. The irritating part is the 10 mile line at So make sure you’re prepared! Go with a group and have one person stand to hold the line and switch off as you all grab what you need. And make sure you pack a mobile charger- the last thing you want is someone’s phone dying while you’re trying to coordinate or for your phone to die on you wen you’re stuck in line. Try this one- I love that it’s sleek, fits in my bag and charges crazy fast!

I hope these tips help you! What stores are you dying to hit this Friday?!


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