Fall Florals

top// this was one of F21’s in-store “Deal of the Week” picks so definitely snag it soon!
sunglasses// these are very similar! I can’t remember where I got the pair pictured.

Happy fall! Well, as “fall” as it can be in San Diego in September. It’s not even 8am and it’s already climbing past 80 degrees as I type this. Hoping for a turn for the cool sometime soon so I can make actual use of the fur vest, sweaters, etc. that I purchased probably too hopefully.

Regardless, new season means new clothes! So Carl and I went shopping this past weekend. I got a ton of new pieces and he made his first purchase of skinny jeans so a revolutionary day indeed.

Usually, I have a love/hate relationship with Forever 21 (and honestly, shopping in general). Love their pieces (especially recently) but it seems when I’m in the mood (read: have $$$) to shop hard, there’s nothing, and when I really have no business being at the mall, it suddenly possesses my wildest dreams for an outfit. However, this must be my lucky week because both Carl and I scored a handful of great fall staples!

The floral top here is light and comfy, and it can be so easily dressed up or down. It was one of the Deals of the Week for only $10 so I hope you’re reading this on the go as you head to your nearest F21.

Also- BOOTS. I have been dying for a pair of black ankle boots for fall because who doesn’t want boots for fall. I love these because they’re comfortable, give me the right amount of height for an everyday look and add a little toughness to an otherwise girly look. I’m on the lookout for more footwear for the season, so please drop me your suggestions!


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