Nature’s Magic: Coconut Oil

I’m sharing one of my fave (let’s be honest- every blogger’s fave) natural beauty staples – coconut oil!


Coconut oil is the best for 2 main reasons- it’s a multi-purpose tool for pretty much every part of your beauty routine AND it smells ahh-mazing. There’s nothing better than cracking that jar open after a long day or early in the AM and pretending for a second that you’re on a tropical island instead of just getting ready/unready for the day.

I incorporate coconut oil in three parts of my beauty routine. A quick Pinterest search will show you a million more uses which I totally encourage you to test! These are just the three that I find to be particularly useful to me.

(But before we get to that, here’s the specific coconut oil I use for those who are interested! It’s from Trader Joe’s and is organic, cold-pressed and unrefined. Highly recommend! If anything, make sure your CO is unrefined, because refining it in any way strips the oil of its powerful antioxidants and healing properties.)


Eyelash Growth: I’m allllll about the lashes! Long, strong lashes are my game- you will never catch me out and about without at least a swipe or two of mascara on. My eyes are one of my favorite features to highlight, and a big part of that is my love for eye-opening, curled lashes. I swipe on a few coats of CO before bed every night and let me tell you- it makes a major difference. My lashes are darker and much healthier despite the ungodly amount of mascara I cake onto them everyday.

Teeth Whitening (Oil Pulling): This one definitely takes some getting used to. I have extremely sensitive teeth, so I tend to be very wary of DIY whitening hacks because they usually strip your teeth and weaken them in the whitening process. Heat up a spoonful of the oil to melt it down and then swish it in your mouth for 10-15 minutes. While it can be difficult to get used to the taste/texture, it’s definitely effective, and has numerous other oral hygiene related benefits.

De-Frizz: Obviously,if you’ve seen a picture of me ever, you can tell that my mane errs on the side of unruly and crazy curly. I can’t even tell you how many products I have tried and tested to tame the madness. I don’t rely on CO alone, but I’ve found that rubbing a dollop of it through my tips and roots helps to tame the frizz. It also makes your hair crazy shiny, so if even if your hair is manageable, try adding some to your routine for added shine!
Have you tried coconut oil for anything beauty-related? Let me know in the comments!


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