Wedding Week!

It’s finally here- wedding week! The countdown is at 5 days and it feels so so crazy.

We’ve got friends and family getting ready to make the trek to Southern California, payments done, small details finalized and now it’s just time to play the waiting game.

From a dinner out with my parents + sister  (aka my fave photographer) over the weekend 

Some highlights of the last week: searching high + low for makeup products that withstand both the emotional mess I’m bound to be and look photo-perfect (keep an eye out for this roundup and reviews next week!), stalking Pinterest obsessively since I can’t make up my mind about my hair, typing out a million and one place cards for the reception, spending quality time with my soon-to-be Mr. that isn’t focused on picking music or photo ops and strategizing more content for TBS (honestly it’s kept me sane and distracted me from looking at the same reception detail sheets 50,000 times).

I’m excited for the weekend to hurry up and come and even more excited for the adventure Carl and I are embarking on after all the wedding craziness is over.

Recently married ladies- what are your biggest tips for this week?! And for life post-white fluffy dress?

Recently engaged gals- what wedding tips/tricks/reviews do you want me to do in retrospect?

And as always, if you want to follow the craziness in real-time, add me on Snap! (melissa_ann7).

Hope everyone is having a fab Monday!



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