Bachelorette weekend recap part 2! I just want to wrap up the end of the bachelorette recaps with one of my fave parts of the weekend- BRUNCH. (duh) Seriously guys, brunch warranted a post all on its own.

We actually had no idea where we were going to brunch when we were in Palm Desert, but we had dinner at a delicious sushi place and our waiter recommended Pinocchio’s, which apparently is crazy popular and well-known for not playing around when it comes to brunch.

So our waiter was not wrong. Pinocchio’s brunch was insanely delicious and it’s a good thing I don’t live closer because I’m pretty sure I’d eat brunch here every weekend. Good food + $3.95 bottomless champagne for mimosas? Yes please <3 Highly highly recommend if you’re vacay-ing in Palm Springs!

Once again, the best damn MOH ever! (And how cute is she?!)

headwrap/dress/sandals/nail polish + pedicure polish

Probably should have taken photos before eating and getting a little messy…. oh well.

Anyways, the weekend was so much fun, and now it feels like time is flying by crazy fast. For the longest time the wedding seemed so far away, but now we’re under 20 days and it feels so crazy!

Also, want to throw out a major thank you to everyone who has been reading along and interacting with the blog since the re-launch! I’ve been having so much fun working on it and I know it’s only going to grow from here! Follow along and let me know what you’d love to see more of!

Snapchat: melissa_ann7


also p.s.- did everyone see the Kyshadow palette coming out?! I’m already obsessed! What do you guys think?

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