Summer Shades

Summer Sunglasses.jpg

Sunglasses are one of my favorite accessories! I always keep a pair in my purse and in my car. They add an extra boost to any outfit and more importantly, add an element of chic togetherness. I also get really bad migraines during the hotter, brighter summer months if I try to leave the house without a pair, so I’m always stocked up.

I’m also the worst at keeping track of my sunglasses. They’re probably my most re-purchased style item, just because I almost always misplace them. So that being said, I usually tend to buy cheaper sunglasses because their life span once I buy them is questionable… Moving on- here are a few styles I’ve been loving/wanting!

Metal-Framed Glasses – H&M
I’ve been looking for a pair like these for most of the summer! I love the metal/plastic rimming on the top of the glasses. I think this style is perfect for any face shape!

Basic Aviators – H&M
Always a must have! I have grown to be a big fan of aviators. They just scream summertime to me and they pair with everything!

Quay Invader Shades – Nasty Gal
I am obsessed with these!! They’re so fun and different and so incredibly stylish. They’re a tad pricier, but I think so worth it for a cool pair of shades.

Oversized Sunglasses – Amazon
I lived for oversized sunglasses all through middle and high school. They’re not usually my first pick, but I always like to have a pair on hand as a backup or for particularly rough post-bar night mornings. Plus, they always remind me of the Olsen twins and what’s more trendy than that?

Lolita Heart Shaped Sunglasses – Amazon
Another just-for-fun pair! These are the perfect Instagram-worthy pair of sunglasses.



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