Weekend Uniform

Happy Monday!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Mine was extremely busy, with a lot of planning and running around that has me reaching for an extra large coffee this morning (always iced!). 


We’re at the 4 week countdown to the wedding (AHHHH) and between chasing down RSVPs/meal choices, switching dresses (yeah….. that was definitely fun), making final payment plans and more, there’s definitely an element of stress very very present. 

It’s also getting more exciting! Things are starting to really come together and it seems so much more concrete that we are actually getting married in 26 days- so crazy. 

I’m wandering into the world of athleisure style (is that how it’s spelled?) and I have to say I’m a fan. This look was so insanely comfortable and felt very trendy, a la Kylie Jenner. (Yes, I’m a huge Kardashian fan- judge me). The shoes I got a few weeks ago when H&M was having a crazy good sale but I think they’re sold out now (at least online). Same with the leggings- I got the ones linked but in-store there were white lined ones!


top/leggings/shoes /hat (similar)


Here’s to hoping that things run smoothly this week! I’m starting a more strict diet/exercise regiment just to make sure nothing slips through the cracks these last few weeks. I’ll also be alcohol/sweets detoxing (…minus the bachelorette party this weekend!). I’ll post my wedding beauty calendar later this week as well!

Have a fab Monday babes!


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