Fave Nail Polish Shades

Fave Nail Polish Shades.jpg

SO excited to write this post! Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with perfectly polished nails. Nail polish is one of my favorite things to buy and keeping my nails in impeccable shape is necessary in my life (probably a borderline addiction).

I just love the way having “done” nails looks. I instantly feel more polished (haha) and put together. Honestly, chipped nails are one of my biggest pet peeves- ask Carl or probably any of my grilfriends any day of the week and they’ll tell you how crazy it drives me.

So, without further ado of my rambling, here are a few of my top favorite shades!

Basically, I wear like 4 colors, just different shades within those. I like my nails to be simple and put together and able to go with pretty much everything, so I’m not really a fan of crazy colors.

Essie “Topless and Barefoot”
A perfect nude! It’s a nice sandy nude that looks fab with a shiny topcoat. It gives your nails that extra “oomph” and helps you look put together no matter what. It’s also a great choice if you’re going on a trip, because you don’t have to worry so much about clashing your nails with your outfit.

Essie “Blanc”
White is my go-to spring/summer shade. It’s so chic and simple, and paired with a tan, is one of my fave looks. Love love love!

OPI “Mimosas for Mr. and Mrs.”
A good pink-based nude! I also like this color year round. It’s more the nude that I use in the fall months.

OPI “Black Onyx”
I love love love black nails for fall and winter. It’s the chic opposite to bright white nails, and I think it looks fab. Again, another shade that I die for when it’s paired with a shiny topcoat.

OPI “Alphine Snow
Another really nice white shade to have on hand! So cute.

Mkay so. Quick tangent. I have a love/hate relationship with gel polish. I do have my own lamp at home, which I love. It’s nice sometimes to relax at night and have a glass of wine and feel like I’m in my own at-home salon. And the things I love the most about the gel polish is that one – the topcoats lock it all in and your nails are literally so glossy and shiny the whole two weeks. The second thing is that it dries fast- which means I can get in, get it done and get going.

However, I’m also stubborn and sometimes like to switch up my polish colors fairly frequently. So I find myself more often than not pickign off the gel colors about a week into it when I could very well have the mani for 2+ weeks. Either way, I’d recommend picking up a lamp! So, here are two honorary mentions that are gel polish brands.

Gelaze “Salsa”
I love this red! It’s a bright cherry color perfect for summer. I think it looks great on short, trimmed nails, which is me 90% of the time. Pick up the gel topcoat that goes with it and your nails will be bright and long-lasting! This is probably my fave brand of gel polish at the moment

SensatioNail “Miss Behave”
Another great gel color! This is from the same brand as the lamp I have. They have a variety of shades, but this burgandy-ish one is a must have for me. It’s a deep sexy red that looks so good in the fall and winter.

Those are my faves at the moment! Which colors are your go-to picks?!


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