Organic Tampons

How crazy is it that we’re almost done with the first week of July?! I can’t believe how fast the summer is flying by! But anyways- let’s get into it, shall we?

So today I wanted to talk about tampons.

Organic Tampons.jpg

Let’s be real- ladies, we all use them (or some form of sanitary feminine product). So why be shy about it?

Recently, while I was on Pinterest (AKA almost every night), I saw a pin promoting organic tampons. And I was like “what the hell are organic tampons?” Like I get that organic-everything has been having a moment for a few years and I’m all about that. But tampons? What does that even mean?

So my trusty friend Google and I did a little research. And BOY was I shocked. I had absolutely no idea how many chemicals and other just straight-up crap were inside of the average drugstore tampon. Like mind-blown. Check it out for yourself. (Also check out the fab Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential for more on this topic!) 

Maybe I’m just crazy unobservant (would not be surprising), but I had never heard that before. And ironically, Aunt Flo was about to make her monthly appearance right around this time, so basically the thought of using my usual brand now seemed like the worst thing ever.

So needless to say, it definitely made me stop and think for a minute (AKA talk Carl and all my girlfriends’ ears off about the chemicals in my vajay-jay and this concept of organic tamps).

I (now) know that there are a handful of organic sanitary product brands out there. (side note: my mom was not amused by my rambling and said that she had told me about the organic pads she has been using months ago. I digress).

After having this convo about nasty chemical tampons, one of my best friends decided she wanted to go the Diva Cup route- definitely for the brave, in my opinion (AKA not me). But to each their own, and she says that it takes used to but she now loves it.

Personally, I decided to try out the LOLA brand. Not only are their tampons environmentally friendly (hello, biodegradable) and made only of 100% cotton (no ~sketchy~ hidden crap), but the plastic applicators are also BPA-free. And the second best part to the health benefits- you can customize your (very aesthetic) box of 18 with light/regular/super sizes, which is also good for your body. You shouldn’t use a super tampon towards the end of your period, so I like that I can split up between all 3 as I need. And for $10/month for them to be delivered to my door- sounds like a plan to me.  

I highly recommend these to every lady out there! If you’re a first-timer with LOLA, they’ll send you 2 boxes for the price of one your first month- and they ship really quickly! (yaaasssss)  Use code ‘MSOLANO2’ to get $5 off your first box! 

Did you guys know about the harmful ingredients in tampons? Am I just behind? Let me know and also let me know if you try out organic tampons or pads! (or The Diva Cup- v. interested to hear about your experiences too!)


*This post was not sponsored- I just genuinely love this product!

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