date night: yardhouse

yay for date night! the past week has been insanely busy, so the boyfriend decided to plan a nice dinner date for us. He picked me up, flowers n tow, and off we went. We actually were a little late out the door because ridiculous me was turning over everything in my room looking for a gold statement necklace I had planned to wear. He realized that I had left it at his place and had forgotten to bring it with him. Being the best of the best that he is, we made a pit stop at Charming Charlie’s for a different one so that I wouldn’t go necklace-less. He is an absolute sweetheart <3 IMG_8187


These are my absolute favorite pair of wedges! I haven’t worn them in quite some time, but they are insanely comfortable and look great every time.


my handsome, scruffy dinner date patiently waiting for our food




top:: thrift store, jeans:: Nordstrom, heels:: Rhapsodielle, bag:: Betsey Johnson, bracelet:: Kate Spade, necklace:: Charming Charlie’s 

So we went to the local Yardhouse for dinner. The food was absolutely delicious! If you go, I recommend the coconut shrimp appetizer and a bowl of the chicken tortilla soup, which I would have photographed had I not consumed it in 30 seconds.

We were then planning on walking around Old Town, but by the time we finished eating we were both very full and it was fairly chilly. So we came home and caught up on our shows.

Simple, sweet, and fun- a definite highlight of my week!

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